Smart Home. Smart living

Bringing innovative Home Automation and Security Solutions to the Latin American and North American markets

Nexxt Solutions recently launched its new Smart Home Automation Series during the “Microsoft Inspire event” this year. Designed to suit the mobile lifestyle of this generation while building a safe environment inside and out of their homes, the brand seamlessly unifies into one user-friendly application a comprehensive line of fully-integrated IoT devices. From smart plugs, power strips, bulbs and cameras to security kits, users can now take control, and run home devices on their own schedule, even when they are away.

Thus, inspired by this new era of Internet of Things where everything is interconnected, Nexxt Solutions is proud to partner with Microsoft in order to build its first fully-cloud connected home automation platform.

Interact with your home, from anywhere
The Nexxt Solutions Home App hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud allows a smartphone or tablet interface to control all compatible devices wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection. That means users can set schedules or control their home appliances from the comfort of the living room couch or from any other place thousands of miles away.

What makes this technology so appealing is that the app is easy to install, no hub is required to operate, and can be easily shared with family and friends. In addition, its Voice activation feature makes it compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free management of all linked devices.

The Internet of Things, along with the power of AI, is transforming forever the way we interact with our devices. Home Automation is shaping the future, as devices are no longer simply responding to our commands but are increasingly interacting with us, making people’s lives not only easier and more secure, but also environmentally friendly, and fun.