Forza and Nexxt Infrastructure alliance

Nexxt Solutions and Forza Power technologies have formed a strategic alliance, which will operate as Enterprise Solutions. This brand-new division is designed to deliver data center, infrastructure and network optimization solutions to many industries worldwide, such as  manufacturing, construction and finance in addition to the healthcare, communications, transportation and government sectors.

By combining Forza all-around power protection systems with Nexxt Solutions networking infrastructure, businesses will have access to the equipment they need to build a robust and reliable data center, while addressing power, space, cooling and connectivity demands in a continually evolving technological ecosystem. This unique approach not only helps companies to succeed today, but also enables them to accelerate their growth into the future.

 Key benefits of this integrated solution:

  • Scalable: for future expansion 
  • Secure: know your power infrastructure is protected
  • Accelerated  deployment: engineered to ensure component interoperability 
  • Trusted source:  single vendor accountability and support
  • In country availability: logistics and delivery of products where our clients are
  • Affordable: reduction in infrastructure costs
  • Efficiency:  reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance requirements
  • Optimized operations: improved reliability management and visibility into resource capacities