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Turn your data center into a strategic asset

Forza and Nexxt solutions have formed a strategic alliance in order to offer specially designed solutions for infrastructure and data centers, as well as for network optimization in different industries, including manufacturing, construction and finance, in addition to the sectors related to health, communication, transportation and government.

By combining Forza’s comprehensive protection systems with the network infrastructure offered by Nexxt Solutions, companies now have the necessary components at their disposal to create reliable and robust data centers, while empowering them to meet their demands in terms of energy, space, ventilation and connectivity in a constantly evolving technological ecosystem. This approach not only enables companies to achieve their goals, but also accelerate their long-term expansion in the future.

Why are our integrated solutions the answer for you?

Our unique approach encourages data center optimization at every stage: from the cabinet, distribution aisles to the telecommunications room in each building

  • Scalable: for future expansion
  • Secure: based on a protected energy infrastructure
  • Accelerated deployment: designed to ensure interoperability between components
  • Trusted provider: support and execution by a single distributor
  • Local availability: logistics and delivery of products to your customers in the country
  • Convenient: reduced infrastructure costs
  • Efficiency: reduced downtime and maintenance service
  • Optimized operations: reinforces management reliability and visibility of available resources

Product portfolio

Rack Mount Online UPS System


The online Atlas series provides true double conversion technology and the highest level of protection suitable for critical equipment. This series combines optimized performance with a wide variety of functions, giving rise to a highly efficient system, characterized by its easy maintenance and operation.

Modular and Rack Mount Online UPS System


The Forza Atlas Series is a modular, online uninterruptible power supply (UPS) specially designed to meet the growing demands of data centers, networks and telephone exchanges. Designed to be easily deployed, the Atlas series is a scalable and flexible solution that combines maximum reliability with the lowest cost of ownership and an extended capacity of up to 18KVA / 30KVA.

Semi-assembled server cabinet


At Nexxt Infrastructure have a portfolio with cabinets for indoor use in controlled environments, produced in cold-rolled steel with electrostatic paint coating, which comply with different standards such as ANSI / EIA / TIA 568C.2 or ANSI / EIA RS- 310-D, also have UL certification.

Trustworthy quality and customer service

Our products are characterized by their easy deployment, simple configuration and maximum flexibility.

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